Midweek update

Haven’t had to much time and energy for my music so far this week. That’s the downside with a job. Nonetheless I have some updates. Yesterday I had a great mentoring session with Pär at Blindmen. If you need some advice in how to go forward with your music career, I can really recommend him. He’s also a really nice guy to talk to, so if you book a meeting, make sure to have enough time.

Also got the huge privilege to be picked up on Radio Kaos Caribous show 4XPLAY together with the great Messy Bird, which mean I’m going on air with “Your dreams” four times on RKC tomorrow. So tune them in. Why not the whole day and explore some new great music.

Also expecting my new single back from mastering tomorrow. So some artwork and then it’s going on all the usual services like Spotify, iTunes and so on.

And since I’m striving to become some kind of music blogger I can’t skip some recommendations.

First out Venture Lows with “Brenda”. 2 minutes of smooth upbeat indie rock. At least it makes me glad so give it a spin.

Next out is Future Lover and Dead Soul Dagger. Behind this artist name hides Colin who describe his music as “…it’s like a time traveler from the 80’s has materialized in a crystal cave in the ancient past with a bonfire, a drum, a handheld computer and a guitar…he’s taking some time to collect himself…he’s just arrived from a visit to the distant musical future…” Don’t know exactly what he means but it sounds really good.

And last but not least a new acquaintance from Atom Collector Records. The Man In The Suitcase stays in the past, making great electronic music with just some synths and his old 8-track, impressive.

Keep it real and follow my playlist:

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  1. Visa från Utanmyra Jon Magnusson 1:48
  2. Ode to a friend Jon Magnusson 4:26
  3. Psalm for Sinners Jon Magnusson 2:13
  4. Your dreams Jon Magnusson 3:38
  5. Ode to a Friend (TC Newman Remix) Jon Magnusson 3:52
  6. Your dreams Jon Magnusson/Jayber.C 4:22