UK tour getting closer

Today it’s two weeks left until my first UK gig at The Steam Passage Tavern in London. It actually feels quite surrealistic that a few months ago I hadn’t played live and now I’m going to do five gigs in the UK. And here’s the Schedule:

August 7th London – The Steam Passage Tavern

August 9th Brighton – Pitcher & Piano with Verity White & Izzy Fin

August 10th Bruton – Bruton Castle

August 12th Horsham – Private wedding with Juxta John

August 13th Crawley – The New Moon (Moon Fest 2017)

I might also do a gig at Hospital Radio Crawley if me and the host are able to sort the time out.

I’m really looking forward to play at all these places and also to meet a lot of people that I only had contact with via internet.

Besides the tour I’ve been really active working with #MonsterThread, making a Twitter account to be able to get more people to find out about this great community. Also designed and printed some business cards that I will bring to my shows to spread the word about me and my music.

And when I’m not doing PR-work I try to practice as much guitar as I can. Both for the upcoming EP which I’m gonna continue to record next week and also learning some really cool stuff thanks to Erich Andreas aka. “Your Guitar Sage”. I didn’t know I could develop my guitar playing that fast before I started his course Complete Guitar System on Udemy. Next up I’m going to learn some more jazz guitar so I can broaden my creativity even more.

Also really happy to be featured on the great Radio station Radio Kaos Caribou once again. This time on Band of Badgers Presents.

And of course I found some great independent music lately, so I won’t keep you waiting anymore, here’s some recommendations.

Starting out with some classic punk from Landspeeder. I guess they’re from the UK since they sound quite a lot like Buzzcocks. One of my favorite punk bands of all time.

Keeping it British, Jaayns is a singer songwriter who blends in some electronic influences and adds her beautiful voice to the mix.

Then we leave the British Islands and head over to the US and Atlanta to Big Brutus. Sounding like a combination of Bright Eyes acoustic stuff, and Bright Eyes electronic stuff, this artist is really some one to look out for. “Louise” will definitely end up on my top list for 2017.

Then we pick up some speed again with some sweet pop punk from my friends in For the Legion. So go find that old skateboard in your storage room and turn up the music.

Beatnik Neon is an American duo making some kind of psychedelic inspired indie rock. This great act was introduced to me by my good friend Keith at Indie Band Guru, make sure to follow his site to get more tips on great music.

Then some nice acoustic tunes from Moondreams Music that works soothing for both children and there parents. The person behind this artist name is a really great supporter of the independent music scene.

In medias res means according to Wikipedia “A narrative work beginning in the midst of action”. And that’s a great way to explain one of my favorite new bands Gogo Luck. No intro needed, instead they throw the listener directly in to their world of psychedelic indie rock.

And why not end today’s post with some dance beats and german rap. A great collaboration from Steffi a.k.a Raven and Fish Filet


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  1. Visa från Utanmyra Jon Magnusson 1:48
  2. Ode to a friend Jon Magnusson 4:26
  3. Psalm for Sinners Jon Magnusson 2:13
  4. Your dreams Jon Magnusson 3:38
  5. Ode to a Friend (TC Newman Remix) Jon Magnusson 3:52
  6. Your dreams Jon Magnusson/Jayber.C 4:22