UK tour day 1 – The Scooby Hamburger

First day meant transporting myself from my homeland Sweden to the UK.

It all started out fantastic when I was offered a seat in the front row. Tall as I am I couldn’t be happier, and I felt it suited a aspiring rock star. But my luck ended there since I got seated next to a guy who was a bit big, and got me more or less pushed to the window.

The plane was also delayed for almost an hour because of a lot of traffic, so we spent some time circulating around London, and that was actually quite cool since the landscape and the sea made for a great photo opportunity.

After three hours I finally arrived in London, and since I cut my beard it wasn’t to complicated to get through the border control were I was met by Ivan Roberts from Riff Taff Music Networking who guided me to the train and from the station to my B&B.

And I immediately got comfortable in the area. And the surroundings are very cosy.

I went for one of the best burgers I ever had, with sausage, eggs, cheese and bacon. A lot of food for just 7 pounds.

Then I went across the street to the pub and started chatting with some locals and after a few beers I actually dared to challenge one of them to a game of pool. And luckily I wasn’t to humiliated and at least got to sink 4 balls, even though I think my opponent went quite easy with me.

Tomorrow I’m going to London and doing the tourist attraction before I’ll meet up with Ivan once again, and then at 9pm I’m doing my first gig at The Steam Passage Tavern.

It actually feel quite surrealistic that I’m here in the UK doing six gigs in a week, when I actually just played three gigs before and six months ago I hadn’t sat my foot on the stage. But I can’t be clear enough on how much I appreciate all the support and all the people making this possible. Hope to see you all soon!


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