UK tour day 2 – London Calling

I barely know where to start this post. Yesterday was honestly one of the most fun days I ever experienced in my whole life, but I will try to keep it quite short to not bore you with all the details.

After a good nights sleep at my B&B and a steady (well at least tasty) breakfast, consisting of toasted bread, peanut butter and Nutella, I was ready to do London. So I took the train from Three Bridges and it took me to Victoria Station in 45 minutes.

After putting my guitar in a luggage storage I walked central London visiting the most famous places, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Big Ben, Thames, Trafalgar Square and Picadilly. Not much to talk about, not exciting but I had to do it while I was there.

Then I continued to the hipster area of London, SoHo and that was really nice. Had an amazing falafel/haloumi wrap at Cookhouse Joe and then went for a beer at The Lyric.

At 4pm I met whit Ivan who had gotten himself some sleep after working the night shift. And the showed me around Camden Town and we took some pictures at some of the most famous music venues there and took a pint at Dublin Castle where Madness played their first gig ever.

We also took a tour in the Camden Market and ended up in a really cosy pub having ourselves a stout, darker then death it self. And also got to watch some tunes of Blake, a really talented singer-songwriter from New Zealand.

And then it was time to go to the venue for the night, The Steam Passage Tavern. So we went there and caught the other acts on the Open Mic night. Also got the honour of Terry from Cuecliché coming to see me together with his girlfriend who happened to be from Sweden.

The gig went really really well. It’s hard to believe that six months ago I had such a stage fright and now I’m able to play in front of a bunch of people I never met. The gig was recorded and I will post it to YouTube as soon as possible.

After the gig we had a beer to celebrate and then went back to Crawley, ending the night with some nice drunk food at Charlie’s Scooby Burger Van. I can really recommend everyone that’s in the area to pay Collin a visit.

So all in all yesterday was so much fun and I also had the possibility to talk with some new people and handed away some business cards. So if anyone happens to got one and then reads this I loved for you to leave a comment here or on some of my social media.

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