UK tour day 3 – A night at the hospital

This isn’t as serious as the headline says. But more on that later, lets start from the morning.

I woke up totally worn out after all the walking from the day before. But some toast with peanut butter and Nutella and two cups of coffee made me ready for the day. My buddy Juxta John from JUXTA picked me up at around 10am and then we went to his house outside of Horsham where I immediately got my self a new friend, Sammy the dog.

Then we spent the day jamming and just having an amazing time and it felt like we had known each other for years even if it was the first time we met in person.

And since everything went so smooth we decided to do a small Facebook live gig at the same place where playing on a wedding ceremony on Saturday. Unfortunately the connection on the WiFi let us down so we had to record it and put it out afterwards. But we were really satisfied with the recording and you can catch it here.

Then JJ dropped me of at Crawley Hospital, and not because I was ill. In UK they almost every hospital has it’s own radio station (I never heard of that before). So I met up with Ivan again and we went down to meet my new buddy Iain who’s a presenter on Hospital Radio Crawley and he arranged for me to do a one hour special Live session.

Since it was my first time ever in a radio studio it was both exciting and a bit nervous but it went really well and I had an amazing time and Iain is a really cool guy who made me relax and do a really good performance.

Then to make the day even more great me and Ivan went out to the best pub in Crawley, Brewery Shades, where we had some craft beers and a great meal before I ended the night with a really tasty Blueberry Gin.

Since I was so tired we ended the night early and I went back to Three Bridges B&B to get some rest and rehearse a little for the gig today with Izzy Fin and Verity White. Verity and her (better) half Alex is coming to pick me up in a few hours and it’s gonna be so fun to finally meet them.

So see you all soon!


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