UK tour day 4 – Three quarters of a mile in Brighton

Before I give my thoughts about yesterday, that might have been one of the most fun times I ever had, I have to comment on British measurement. A lot of things are great with the UK, the people, the music, the landscapes and so forth. But come on, how long will you use measurements that are totally illogical? Yesterday I heard the GPS saying: “In three quarters of a mile, turn left”. Wait, just let me grab my calculator so I know where to turn.

Well, enough about that and let me talk about the amazing day that was yesterday. The day didn’t start off too good since I started to get a sore throat so I went right ahead to nearest pharmacy and bought some 3in1 miraculous cold medicine + echinacea and Strepsil which really saved the day. I might need to buy some of that and bring home to Sweden.

I then grabbed my guitar and finally I got to experience some proper English weather, it was raining cats and dogs. But I got fairly safe to the station and jumped on the train to Brighton.

And there I finally got to meet the lovely Verity White and here equally lovely husband Alexander. We then took Vee’s car to Hove (don’t ask me to pronounce it, it’s ridiculous). And there we met another amazing person, Izzy Fin and we had a great afternoon chatting and rehearsing for the evening. And also got to record some really fun stuff.

Then we had a little something to eat before we went to Pitcher and Piano to prepare the gig. And I spent 10 minutes as a tourist taking some nice pictures of Brighton that was really lovely despite the weather.

And the rest of the night is history. Verity went on first doing a really solid gig with backing tracks, I can’t wait to get to see her play with a proper band. I also had the great honour to comp her on one of my favourite songs of her, From the Light.

Then Izzy went on, and I can promise you that this young talent is gonna be something. Amazing song-writing skills and a voice that sounds like a blend between Amy Winehouse and Joan Baez. I got to play guitar on one of her songs as well and couldn’t be more honoured.

Then it was time for my own gig and it went really well, even with the sore throat and a bit dizziness from the medicine. Thanks to my awesome support, also Ivan from Riff Taff and Mike from the amazing 1 in Five came to support me, and the rest of the audience was really great. An extra big thanks to AJ for promoting it and putting it all up.

Cause we all had early morning drives to do we all went home after the gig and Mike was kind enough to drop me and Ivan of in Crawley.

I still have problem to really understand that I’m doing this after being active in the community for approx six months. And that it has been so fun to meet all the fantastic people I’ve been chatting with and that we click also in person.

Keep it real!



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