UK tour day 5 & 6 – Left-hand side madness to Bruton and back again

Woke up Thursday morning, not feeling to bad from the cold, thinking it was going in the right direction, but that would soon prove to be wrong. Nonetheless I took a walk to the Hertz Car Rental, fairly close to my B&B and it’s always nice to walk through a town you never been to, especially if the architecture is different from what you are used to.

And after trying to figure out where everything was in it I dared to get out driving on the left-hand side. And that was a real adventure, a total mind-fuck, especially in roundabouts and small roads where I had to kill the instinct to steer off to my left. Well the trip was quite nice, even though I had to focus so much on driving that it was hard enjoying the landscape. I did get to find a nice restaurant when I got a little bit lost and then see Stonehenge passing by, which was pretty awesome.

Well, I got to Bruton safe and sound and checked in at Turks Hall, a totally adorable B&B, and the hosts, Caroline and David where so great. After a cup of coffee I met up with one of my first Twitter-friends, Bee a.k.a. Forgottenbee and her boyfriend. They where kind enough to invite me to some BBQ and we did some exchange of merchandise. I can really recommend you to check out some of her great poetry.

Then I went back to the B&B and at that point I felt quite exhausted from driving and from the cold, so I decided to take a bath with bath soak and drinking some Sherry (which was complimentary). That little hour of relaxation was exactly what I needed.

Then I met up with Bee again and we went to Bruton Castle, the pub where the gig was. We met up with my gig-buddy, a really great and experienced musician and singer/songwriter, David 9 Lunas. We had some time to take a small drink and chit chat a little before the show, and it was great to get to know him and get some tips.

The show it self was a bit interesting. Not that many people actually went to see the show on stage, but people came and went and apparently a lot of people were actually listening but from outside. We had a really great time however and ended the night with a few drinks and Bee’s place.

A really nice evening, despite me feeling quite bad. It’s such a privilege to be able to go around meeting other creative people.

The day after I woke up even more sick than before so it was a really calm day visiting Bruton and then driving back home to Crawley. Unfortunately my phone stopped working so I can’t access any pictures at the moment. And nothing exciting to report since it was my only day of from gigging, so stay tuned for more updates from the weekend’s happenings.

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