UK tour day 7 & 8 – A wedding and a Moonfest

Even though a week of travelling around and gigging did get the best of me I managed to actually do some fun the final days in the UK.

Saturday was really special since me and mr Juxta John was playing at the lovely Kate and Abi’s wedding and also got the honour to take part in the whole ceremony. It was a short gig but it was hell a lot of fun and I really enjoyed doing it.

Cause of the cold contracted I skipped the party in the evening and instead I went to the B&B and followed Verity Whites advice, making me a Hot Toddy (Whiskey, lemon, honey and hot water) and that both helped with the cold and knocked me right to sleep.

Sunday was also a really special event. I was playing first of all as soon as 12 pm at Moonfest 2017, a Charity Family Funday with both live music and BBQ and games for the kids. Even if I played so early there was quite a lot of people showing up and the gig went fairly well even though my voice cracked at the end.

I also got to meet some more great people I got to know through Atom Collector Records. Both Michael and Brian from Shotgun 21 and Darren from LegPuppy and Shaun, the great guy behind TRIP.  It was a surreal feeling getting to meet these guys that I’ve been chatting with for more than half a year.

Really glad to be able to see Shotgun 21, one of my favourite independent band and exchanged some merchandise with them.

Also got a new favourite band in The Bronsons. Amazing energy and great garage style pub rock.

I also really enjoyed Mile High City and Lithiums gigs, but unfortunately I missed Unprovoked and Borrowed Time but thanks to Helen I caught some of it on Facebook-live. Also wanna give a special thank you to Helen who putted it all together and let me take part in this amazing event.

Now I’m back at the B&B trying to get in form for the flight home tomorrow. Just went to say hi and goodbye to Ivan from Riff Taff who has been so supportive during my tour and also gave me a t-shirt to wear on today’s gig.

I will summarize my tour in the next couple of days, just need some time to melt all the impressions. It has been such an amazing adventure and a memory for life. Now it’s gonna be really nice to come home to my lovely wife and our dog.

Peace out and again thank you, thank you, thank you! And this photo actually summarize my current state in a good way, happy as hell but totally worn out.

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