Is the car the best place to enjoy music?


Since most of my time and energy last week has be directed to the selling of our apartment, my music has unfortunately been in the background this week. But today, finally it’s gonna be finished. So expect some more action from me from now on. At least has worked some more developing #MonsterThread and it’s a steady stream of people joining our community and I cant stress enough how proud that makes me.


I’ve been talking lately about the importance of challenging yourself and try to keep out of the mainstream but today I’m gonna talk a bit about how and where I like to enjoy music. And my absolute favorite place is my car.

I have quite a long drive to work, but that also leave me the possibility to listen to a lot of music. It’s hard to get the space to really enjoy music both at home and at work (even though I almost always has music on). But driving takes up enough of my focus that I don’t get bored or restless but can still focus on the music. Best thing I know is when I got some 10 new songs to listen to and put them in a playlist really getting to give them a good listen through on my way to work.

The downside is quite obvious. The sound in my car isn’t the best, and since it’s a small car there’s a certain amount of noise making some kinds of music, like acoustic, a bit harder to really be made justice. So in a year when it’s time to change car, I think I will invest some extra in making the sound experience even better.

So, where is your favorite place to enjoy some good tunes and why? Leave a comment below or interact directly with me via my messenger channel.

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This week I got picked up by the great folks at Spiderweb Radio and put in to rotation. Also had a really fun time getting interviewed by Tessa and Dawson on Sound and Country Vision at Siren FM. The show will be aired in November.

Also got in touch with a really great fellow from Germany, Patrick, and he liked Psalms for Sinners so much that he decided to put a review up on his blog Hochstuhl Music Blog.

"Yesterday I was able to meet Jon Magnusson and his music. A very friendly and open person. His music is equally refreshing and alternating. When I listen to his EP, I feel like I'm in the middle of a movie. The selection of songs is impressive. Each song fits the other. And this creates a network that catches me in my dreams.

Technically a perfect shot. Psalm for Sinners reminds me a bit of evenings in a pub. Very beautiful and alternating vocal passages complete this song. My absolute favorite, however, is "Your Dreams",  the song has a little more power and reminds me of a great film from my youth. The other songs complete the EP and make this small collection complete."

music recommendations

The name Wainwright ring bells for a music nerd, but I haven’t found any blood connection between him or the famous musician family Wainwright. Nonetheless, Kim Wainwright brings us gasolier smelling folky indie rock and a well produced sound.

If you decide to do celtic punk/folk you run the risk of becoming rather cheesy, but Jambrains avoids that with great marginal and I’m sure The Pogues themselves would love this song. And yeah, he sounds like Shane Macgowan, but in my book that’s a compliment.

One of the first guys I got to know in the independent scene was the person behind Hawk and the Wild. As it turns out we come from almost the same place (60 km apart), plays similar kinds of music and have the same type of beard and similar jobs. So no wonder that he’s one of my favorite independent artists (oh, that sounded a bit complacent). He just released a new single where he blends some strings in to his amazing guitar work, so don’t miss this or his earlier work.

Speaking of friends. Two other of my first music buddies has done a collaboration. Juxta and Grand Space Adventure has together created a post-rock, new wave, Depeche Mode-ish soundscape that suits the voice of Juxta John perfectly.

That’s all for now. Keep it real.


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  1. Visa från Utanmyra Jon Magnusson 1:48
  2. Ode to a friend Jon Magnusson 4:26
  3. Psalm for Sinners Jon Magnusson 2:13
  4. Your dreams Jon Magnusson 3:38
  5. Ode to a Friend (TC Newman Remix) Jon Magnusson 3:52
  6. Your dreams Jon Magnusson/Jayber.C 4:22