“Put something in my bloodstream to take away the pain”


The progress of the new EP is going forward but slowly. I made the decision to push the release of it until January 2018 instead of stressing to release it before 2018 ends. On Sunday I will start to record vocals for it with Ruben at Studio Ljudriket.

And the mix of my and BRUNOSSMOKY‘s collab is soon finished in the very competent hands of Toby (Producedbytobi) so at least I will have one song to release before 2017 ends.

Also really happy that after half a year “Psalms for Sinners” has gotten almost 23 000 plays on Spotify. That’s more then I could never have imagined when I released it in April this year.


One subject that is really common among artist is that of mental health. I haven’t talked that much about this topic and mainly focusing on the positives sides in my blog. But since I personally has have a lot of use of others telling their stories about struggling with mental problems I think it’s my obligation to do the same.

I’ve been since young days struggling with mostly anxiety and always been worrying a lot about things, often things that there has been no need worrying about. And it took me almost 10 years to actually seek adequate help for it and when I finally did I met a fantastic doctor who diagnosed me with anxiety disorder and I started medicating for it, and thanks to that I nowadays feel a lot more better, having a lot more energy for my work, my family and my music. Energy that before was spent on worrying and obsessing about stuff that I nowadays almost can laugh about.

But I actually never would exchange my personality to a less worrisome one since my anxiety both made me more accepting of other peoples flaws (which is really good if you’re a social worker). And it has also been a strong driving force for my creativity and a lot of my songs emerge from my own experiences. For example one of my songs from my upcoming EP that starts “”Put something in my bloodstream to take away the pain, attenuate my anxiety make me go astray”. A quite accurate image about how it felt being able to give anything to just get the bad feelings away for awhile.

I hope that my words can maybe be of some comfort to others struggling with mental illness as others stories were a for me. And believe me, there’s a lot of good help to get even if it’s difficult taking the first step, but it’s worth it.


It has been a really good week on the media front. Had radio spins on “The Big Fat Indie Show” on Northen Quarter Radio, got played on one of my absolute favorites shows “New Music Saturday” and hence played on stations like Mad Wasp Radio, Radio Beacon Online, WBR FM, Chat and Spin Radio etc.

And also plays on the great Radio Coolio and featured on “The Rawk Dawg Show” on Power 91. Ad if that wasn’t enough I was featured in the great blogs Ear To The Ground and Oasis Entertainment

Music recommendations

Tatum Rush does all kinds of music from more folky/indie stuff to EDM/Dance. This great song is some kind of soul inspired indie pop and my personal favorite.

And then we move to one of the best songs I’ve heard this month. Reminds me a lot of one of my favorite bands “The National” and I actually had a hard time choose one of the songs from The New Faith.

And some more laid back singer songwriter folk is what Early in the Morning is offering us. Really smooth and calm guitar work and a great voice.

And why not finish today’s recommendation with some great modern but yet old school soul from a new friend of mine. Mirenda has an amazing voice and this song is truly enchanting.

That’s all for this week! Keep it real!


  1. Congrats on your ongoing success Jon and a very encouraging piece re your own Mental Health experience that can only help other musicians who are in that same boat, like me! Bless ya x

  2. We are waiting, but we have no haste at all! A good work needs its time!
    You should edit your post: “…until January 2018 instead of stressing to release it before 2018 ends”. I suppose it’s a writing slip… 🙂

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