Let’s try something new – but take it easy


Last two weeks has been a little slow music wise. I felt I needed to take it a bit easy since this year has been so hectic and there’s a lot of thing happening in 2018, most of all I’m becoming a father in January, and I couldn’t been more excited. There’s a risk that it might affect the amount of time I can spend on music though.


As I said, this year has been super hectic, but in retrospect it might have been the most fun year I ever experienced. Both personally, professionally and when it comes to my music. I’ve quit my old job and jumped on a new one in a field I had almost no previous experience from (group leader in the social services with people with addiction and victims of relationship violence). And then there’s the child thing that was the biggest personal news of them all.

So I have really stepped outside of my comfort zone this year. I’ve been releasing an EP, some singles and also some cool collaborations.  I started playing live after been suffering from quite a bad stage fright. I’ve got to know so many new friends in the music scene and got the crazy idea to actually go and meet a bunch of them in the UK this summer, which proved to be one of the funniest weeks ever. Also I started the #MonsterThread as an experiment and over time I got new crazy ideas on how to develop it and today it’s a solid community with a lot of interactions and new relationships being made.

So what I have learned is that being a bit impulsive and not being afraid to try new things have made me develop a lot, both as an artist but also as a person. And I’ve been having so much fun. The downside is that sometimes life’s so fun that it’s hard to say no to new ideas and projects and there has been periods this year when I’ve felt quite overwhelmed, and at those times it’s good to be able to just drop everything and take a break, this is something I need to do more often though. I can admit that one

So what do you think about jumping on new projects all the time? And what do you do to not let that make you exhausted? Leave me a comment!


Really glad about being included in the Swedish Hip Hop Magazine “56th Street Magazine”.  Also been included in one of the coolest independent radio stations there is “Radio Wigwam” and played on their show BANDWagon. And “Ode to a Friend” got played as number two on the great show “End of the week show” with Phil Crowder on 92.2 Sheppey FM. And also got played again at “Discover New Artists” with Ivan Roberts that’s now available also on Radio Beacon Online (a station that hosts a lot of my favorite show, so make sure to check it out).

Music recommendations

A discovery thanks to the EGH Radio is Floodhounds who blends British Indie with American Blues and they do it really good.

The Norwegian post-punkers in Antipole has released a single together with Paris Alexander and EIRENE and it’s my favorite song from them so far.

A Hope for the Future came to my attention when the singer Patric joined the #MonsterThread. Really friendly folks and a great band.

Jim McHugh plays really soulful melodic indie folk and this song is really great.

I know Jaayns since half a year and she has now released a collaboration with the amazing electronic music producer Green Valdener. I can strongly recommend to check out more of both of their work.

From Italy comes Levy a great indie rock (or as they call it space rock) band and this isn’t their only space-themed song.

And to finish today’s recommendation is also one of the first guys I got to know and who I share a lot of playlists adds with. This is Daniel Scarsella‘s latest single, awesome folk in the spirit of Ellioth Smith.

Take care!


  1. Hi Jon!
    I’m so glad to see you develop this way, and i’m happy to be a fellow of yours on this funny road.
    I think the only way not to be overwhelmed by things is make your own choices, be friendly and social but keep your eyes on your path, and sometimes say “no” or take a break when you need iy. Indie community is huge and it’s real fun, and that’s the reason why it’s both exciting and frightening… it’s very easy to get lost in it!
    Wish you the best, my Friend!

  2. Congratulation Jon on your courage and your success. This was a good year for you and I hope the coming one will be even better. On our end, this year has been relatively quiet but brought us lots of changes and undertakings as well. We hope to reap the results and share them with everyone in 2018.

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  1. Visa från Utanmyra Jon Magnusson 1:48
  2. Ode to a friend Jon Magnusson 4:26
  3. Psalm for Sinners Jon Magnusson 2:13
  4. Your dreams Jon Magnusson 3:38
  5. Ode to a Friend (TC Newman Remix) Jon Magnusson 3:52
  6. Your dreams Jon Magnusson/Jayber.C 4:22