A new beginning – Becoming a dad


I just realized I haven’t written a regular blog post in over a month and that has it’s explanations. 7:35 am on New Years Day me and my wife’s daughter was born after a quite dramatic night. But everything went really well, and after a week at the maternity ward we got to go home and since then life has been pretty damn great, except the lack of sleep that follows.

I did have a lot of stuff going on that I had planned to finish, since our daughter was planned to arrive in the end of January. Both the EP I’ve been recording with Ruben and my acoustic EP that I hired ProducedbyTobi to co-produce with me. Most of both of them are done and I will head the studio next week to record vocals, so even though the kid takes a lot of time I will have some new releases to offer soon.

I’m also happy to be a part of the Musicoin community. It’s a new type of streaming service based on cryptocurrency where the idea is that the artist gets paid directly without big cuts being taken by the service it self. Even if it’s still in Beta-mode I really believe that this is the future for independent music and I can highly recommend it for both artists and music fans. To join just click the banner below. Or check out my profile where all my music will be available for streaming.


Becoming a dad hasn’t stopped me from having a lot of thoughts and ideas, but one thing that has really struck me is that I’m even more sure that it’s the music thing I wanna do as a full time thing. Both since it’s the most rewarding work I can imagine and also it would give me the opportunity to be at home a lot more and really be a present parent. So I will continue to work as hard as I can to make a living out of this and we’ll see what time brings.

A big inspiration is Carlos Castillo, better known as Captain Schwilly, who manage to run his community Schwilly Family Musicians from home and at the same time being a great dad. As an aspiring artist my self I can really recommend all of you to check him and his community out.


Have had some really great success when it comes to Spotify-playlists lately. Got added to this really cool playlist with instrumental covers and a lot thanks to that I reached an average of over 1000 plays daily on Spotify. Thank you so much to Instrumental Pop Covers for the support.

Some nice radio spins since last time on The DNA Show, Astral Projection with LegPuppy among others. Also really happy that Cultofsuperted has used my music as beds for his radio show at Riviera FM.

And some nice blog features on Stereo Stickman and Ear to the Ground: A Music Blog

And in the middle of the first week I had the great honour to be apart of Ally’s Attic Show. It was great fun chatting with her and here’s the result.

Music recommendations

Due to lack of time and energy, I wont write about all the songs I recommend here. But they are all great even though they are quite different all of them. I will post the link to their respective Facebook-profile though so if you like what you hear, show them some support.

Matthew Owen Martin

Sadie Horler

Ralf Dee


Ethereal Delusions

Daniel Feinberg (Producedbytobi)

Ross Seddon

Tommy Berre

All my recommendations ends up on this great independent music playlist:


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