Living as an independent artist – How to make it a full time job

Since the space in a Messenger update is limited and this might reach a broader audience here’s my plan when in comes to my new Messenger service for independent artist and other people involved in the independent music scene, like radio folks, bloggers etc.

I just started investigating different services where we as artist and musicians actually can get paid fairly for the work we do and cut out the middle hands (like Spotify, big labels etc) that take a huge part of the value that we actually create.

Since I’m a big fan of the independent music community I wanted to find a way to also let others benefit from my findings and that’s why I will add this service to my already existing Messenger channel for my artist page

How it will work is that I will write blog posts with tips and findings I’ve made and also direct to people who have more knowledge in a specific area. It can be about everything from how to get on Spotify-playlists, how to use new blockchain based services like Steemit or Musicoin or about relationship building. I will then send an update via my Messenger channel to everyone who opted in with links to the articles.
So what’s in it for me? I’m gonna be honest, I want to make money from my music but I also want others to be able to do that, and with the amount of great independent music I’ve discovered the last year have made me even more dedicated to work for a flowering independent scene.
This service will not cost anything, but I will post some links to places where you can support me without having to pay anything, like playing my music on Musicoin, Spotify etc or a referral link to a service that gives me a little bonus.
Also I want you to be an active part of the discussion and development of this services so any feedback, either directly via messenger or by commenting on the links are welcome. And if you don’t agree with what I say, then your feedback is even more welcome.
And a little about me. I’m an artist, musician and producer from Sweden who also found out I had a gift for building relationship and get people to interact with each other. I also run the independent music community together with my friend Toby Davis.
Hope to keep in touch!

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