Living as an independent artist – The WHY?


Before I will start talking about specific services and platforms you as a musician can use to start earning some actual money for the art you producing I need to address the issue of why?

If money is your only incentive you could as well stay at your day job (or get one). To really be able to make it in the long run you have to have a true passion for making music and to build up a solid fan base that you can interact with. I will write more about relationship building along the way as well.

But first take a little time to ask, why do you want to make money from your music? If you could make a decent income every month from your music, how would your life look? Do you want money to be able to buy more gear? To be able to quit your boring day job? To be able to buy a trip to New York and play some gigs there?

Asking yourself this question and answering it will give you a more concrete and tangible goal that will help you keep up your motivation during bad days when things move slow and you don’t have any new exciting projects to jump on early, but have to rely on a steady stream of content that people are willing to consume.

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Ok then, what’s your why?

Since a little more than a year I’ve been working with the quite abstract goal of being able to “work with music”. Thanks to my mentor Steve Palfreyman from Music Launch Hub I was forced to actually make that goal more concrete. My answer to him was “to make money and be able to make a living”. He then asked me to contemplate that again cause making money is normally the concern of accountants and the management of a company, and not the main concern for creatives.

Then it hit me, the money per se isn’t interesting. It’s what the money can buy me. And first and foremost it can buy me TIME! Time away from work that I can instead spend at home creating music and network with other people in the independent music scene. It could also buy me aesthetical freedom. If I could get a solid stream of income each month and not have to worry about how to pay the bills and provide for my family, I could do what ever I felt like doing. Writing a crazy jazz song, making strange collaborations that have no chance in making any money, but could challenge my creative boundaries and make me see music from another point of view.

Also it would buy me time to work with building my community the #MonsterThread together with my co-commander Toby and all the members and it that way make a difference for the independent scene as a whole and for independent musicians all over the world.

But most of all. Being able to work at home with the activity I love the most will give me more time with the people I love the most. This has been even more clear to me since the birth of my child one month ago. Having been able to stay at home taking care of her together with my wife and at the same time have the time to work on this project and all the other musical projects I have going has been nothing less then incredible. I would go so far to say this has been the best month of my life so far.

And thanks to this mission, making money becomes something much bigger than just “making money”. And this will keep me motivated to also do the stuff that might be less fun than writing and recording songs or chat with my fellow musicians. Like preparing a EP-release or any planning of any sort ( I hate it, I truly hate planning, but without it the other part of my work becomes less useful and will give a lot worse return of invest.


I hope this has been a inspiration for you to think about what your long term mission with making money with your music is and that it will help you become perseverant in your pursuit.

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