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Hey folks. I’m so happy so many of has chosen to follow my tips on how to make a living as an Independent artist. I hope you enjoyed the Intro post and especially the last post where I talked about finding out WHY? you want to make money from your art. If you haven’t read that I strongly recommend to go back and read it and think it through.

Today I’m going to write the first practical, hands-on guide. And I chosen to start with the service that I found to be easiest for a total beginner an which interface is no less than amazing,

Channels business idea is built on blockchain but the only place where you can trade their coin is as of today at their site. They also have a really great team of developers who are always open for suggestions and feedback, so I recommend to give them a follow on Twitter.

So down to the juice stuff. Channels are based around cards that can be of five different types (as of today):

For me (and the most of you) the interesting ones is Article, Video and Audio of which I will go through Article and Audio. (audio will be in a separate post) So on to the juicy stuff, the most important part, THE CONTENT! The interface is really nice and easy to use. You can Add Heading and Subheading and then start writing.

You can then add paragraphs as you go and also add photo or videos like this:

And when you’re done writing your card you can go set a price on what the viewer has to pay to view it (which also decides how much time the viewer has to spend on the card). Max is 0.25 and every new user to will get 2.5 coins to start with and can then either buy more coins our watch promoted content to earn more.

And with the price set it’s time to review your card and when everything is done, hit publish and you’re good to go to share it with the world and start earning some money on your work. From your Channel page you can get a nice overview of the different cards you have published and also share directly to Twitter, Facebook or copy the URL.

So that’s a basic introduction to this fantastic new way of publishing your work and earn some money from it. Even if content is king, it’s also important to promote your new Channel, and I will write more about that in the next post and after that I will publish a guide to Audio Cards.

That’s all for now. To make sure not to miss any of my tips subscribe to my Messenger Channel and follow my Facebook page. 

And of course follow my own Channel where all the tips and guides will be published together with my music and the rest of my work.

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