The #MonsterThread-playlist was a result of a experiment of mine on Twitter which led to a lot of great connection between great artists of different genres and other people in the independent music scene. I then came up with the idea of making a collaborative playlist to be able both to promote my self and others music and at the same time be able to discover some great music without having to search for it my self. And it has worked out really great.

The idea of the playlist is that you can add up to five songs of your choice (your own music or independent music you like). How to join:

  1. Follow the playlist “THE BIG ONE”.
  2. Join the Facebook-group
  3. Take a screen shot as proof that you follow the playlist and post in the group together with the links of the songs you want added to the playlist (maximum 5 songs).
  4. Put the playlist on repeat (or play it when you can). You can even mute it and let it play when you’re doing something else.
  5. It`s also a good idea to put it on random play so the songs that’s added later on gets played as much as the first songs.
  6. Share it or tag other people/bands that might be interested in trying this out.
  7. And as a bonus follow all the other bands/artists that appear on the playlist.
  8. I will also add the songs to a appropriate genre-playlist (you can find them all below) and then post it in the Facebook-group.
  9. Join the discussions in the group and connect with some other really great and dedicated independent artists and music fans.
  10. Be nice!
  11. If you have any questions ask in the group or send me a message via my page:

This is supposed to be a win-win system where everyone listens to each other helping each other getting more exposure more followers/fans and more plays.

I also use the #MonsterThread-playlists to find songs to write about on my blog and add them to my Independent music playlist #KEEPOUTOFTHEMAINSTREAM:

Genre playlists

  1. Visa från Utanmyra Jon Magnusson 1:48
  2. Ode to a friend Jon Magnusson 4:26
  3. Psalm for Sinners Jon Magnusson 2:13
  4. Your dreams Jon Magnusson 3:38
  5. Ode to a Friend (TC Newman Remix) Jon Magnusson 3:52
  6. Your dreams Jon Magnusson/Jayber.C 4:22